53% faster metabolism (eat THIS tomorrow)

53% faster metabolism (eat THIS tomorrow) If you wish you had more energy and a faster metabolism, then a simple “thyroid detox” may be in order. See… Your thyroid sets the pace at which your

“Lost Hormone” fights cancer and aging

“Lost Hormone” fights cancer and aging I just read a crazy study from earlier this year that found vitamin D can possibly prevent up to 30,000 cancer deaths per year in folks 50+ in Germany…

Thyroid-friendly keto

Thyroid-friendly keto If you’ve ever tried the keto diet but it made you feel groggy, tired, and you barely lost weight… It’s not your fault… It likely has to do with how the keto diet

This bean fights Alzheimer’s

This bean fights Alzheimer’s Your brain is a storage bank for all your memories, favorite activities, and everything you need to function on a daily basis… But if you aren’t paying attention to eating certain

“Protein swap” scrubs off cellulite

“Protein swap” scrubs off cellulite If you want to shrink your waistline and smooth the backs of your thighs at the same time… Then you’ll love this simple “protein swap” that will drop inches and

Popular “immunity vitamin” slows thyroid?

Popular “immunity vitamin” slows thyroid? It’s no secret that vitamin C is one of the most important nutrients for immunity and treating the common cold… And while you never have to worry about getting too