Hottest diet trend so far in 2021 (is it worth a try?)

Dr. Oz is raving about the hottest diet trend of 2021… a technique called time-restricted eating. How does it work?

First, you eat all your food during the same 8-hour window each day… which, according to Dr Oz. is a strategy so good at transforming body chemistry, that he claims it’s, “the best way to lose weight, prevent disease and even live longer.”

And here’s why it’s really starting to ramp up in 2021…

Because we’re finding that to make it even more effective and easy… all you have to do is pair it with soup.

“No other meal is better at controlling hunger and crazy cravings,” says Philadelphia mom Carolyn Wilson, 50, who has appeared on Dr. Oz’s show twice… and has lost 70-pounds with this weight loss trick.

Since homemade soup floods the body with slimming nutrients, it really helps you burn fat and elevate your metabolism. With that in mind, Dr Oz. says it’s no wonder folks are suddenly dropping 1-3 lbs per day on average.

One big reason time-restricted eating, combined with eating more soup helps to speed off excess pounds… is first, because only eating inside an 8 hour window, means you’re not eating for 16 hours each day like most people.

It’s basically a mini fast that’s long enough for your body to use up all its blood sugar and start burning your stored fat for fuel, Dr. Oz explains.

Basically, it’s the body’s way of quickly turbo-charging health. And as a bonus, a number of the compounds released during your fast are known to specifically target tummy fat. Which means you’ll notice those stubborn inches around the midsection shrink away

“Your waist will shrink like crazy,” promises Carolyn, one of Dr. Oz’s show participants. “I lost 14 inches from mine!”

According to Penn State, if you combine one soup-based meal every day with your fast, you’ll lose weight even faster… partly because soup gives the body a break from sugar and processed foods while flooding it with easy-to-absorb nutrients.

For example, soup helps you soak up more thylakoids, compounds in spinach and kale that act as fat blockers. And you’ll get more flavonoid antioxidants from foods like onions and broccoli which also helps to speed metabolism and activate “skinny genes.”

On top of that, soup makes it really easy to cash in on the magic of time-restricted eating. Studies show this soup broth “hack” turns off hunger, so you can stay full much longer than you would eating the same ingredients in any other form. So I guess you could say soup is Mother Nature’s appetite suppressant!

So if you want to try the time-restricted feeding and soup plan… here’s what you can do:

Dr. Oz suggests eating all meals and snacks between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.

Your soup should include 1 serving of a protein like chicken, ½ cup of beans, and 1 cup of greens. Add natural seasonings, veggies, and small amounts of healthy flavor boosters like olive oil, cheese, and nuts.

To boost the results, eat soup at least once a day. When you aren’t in your eating window, sip water or coffee/tea with an optional shot of hunger-killing MCT oil.

And because it’s such a big change to what you’re probably used to… get a doctor’s okay to try this new plan.